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Benefits of Cordyceps

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

Cordyceps VCD Cordyceps is well known in the traditional Chinese medical community and is considered as a kidney tonic and anti-aging substance. In fact, Cordyceps might be considered superior in many ways when compared to Chinese ginseng.

Traditionally, the only source of Cordyceps is harvested from natural surroundings in the "wild". Scientists today have developed a method that enables cordyceps mycelium to be cultivated in mass in laboratories.

In the 1970's and 80's, the Chinese government sponsored scientists to perform clinical research to compare wild cordyceps and fermented mycelium cordyceps extracts. Overtime, research has shown that both forms of cordyceps are equally effective, as there are hundreds of research papers concluding the effect on various human illnesses.

Cordyceps has been proven to be an effective product in controlling diseases such as cardiovascular, hepatic disease, renal diseases. There is also evidence that cordyceps reduces the ageing process of the human body. In addition, cordyceps has the ability in balancing immune system. It has many active ingredients and contains nearly all the essential amino acids and various vitamins.

Current research shows that cordyceps contains a substance known as adenosine, which is an important ingredient in proving its clinical effectiveness. Adenosine is a key ingredient in the production of ATP in cells, thus is a key factor in the regeneration process.

The other really important ingredient in cordyceps is cordyceptic acid, which is also known as d-mannitol. D-mannitol causes dilation in blood vessels, which increases blood circulation, oxygenation to tissues and organs. In cases of cardiovascular disease, it reduces the blood pressure and provides oxygenation to the heart.

In addition, cordyceps also has hormonal like effects on the body; research has concluded that cordyceps seems to have a testosterone like effect and can help libido. Cordyceps' effect on the body cannot be attributed to one single ingredient; it has synergistic effects on numerous bodily functions.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, cordyceps is considered to be a kidney tonic. As we age, the kidney essence is depleted; however, cordyceps has the ability to slow down the depletion, and is considered as an anti-aging agent. It can boost one's vitality and keep one active and young.

Cordyceps also boosts the immune system by balancing the immune system in such a way that it calms down the hyperactive sites of the immune system.

The weakening of the immune system causes one's body to react against itself, which often leads to inflammation and can result in cell death. Cordyceps will reduce the immune cells to stay calm and become less hyperactive. The effected cells will become less vigorous, thus achieving a therapeutic goal.

Another potential application of cordyceps is in the treatment of hepatitis, especially hepatitis B. There have been numerous research papers published in China testifying that cordyceps is an effective treatment for hepatitis B.

As to the fundamentals and mechanisms of cordyceps, the research show that cordyceps can increase the cell's ability to enhance the intercellular ATP productions. The increased energy production of the cells can improve the cell's own repair mechanism, the metabolic, and the cells function can be elevated to another level, thus achieving an anti-aging type of effect and also other types of therapeutic effects.

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